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This site will help you with acoustic pianos only, helping you if you want to buy or sell a piano right through tuning and repairs, parts and materials, polishing, moving to complete rebuilding and Concert tuning work – we know we can help you…… 

the unseen hero of the Concert Stage – Tuner to the artiste, the ability behind the scene, the forgotten performer of every performance. Mastery, skill and workmanship in motion, working for the quality piano owner at a reasonable fee – 



Over the years the Piano Industry has seen some very unethical members – they have been akin to the proverbial “car sales man” – often these people haven’t been trained and because they are musically gifted think they can tune and repair a piano – the results of their shoddy work is out there! Many of these people only work in the industry part time and never develop the required skills to do a professional job. (These people are often recognised by unrealistic and unsustainable  charge out rates, or offering pianos for sale at low prices (which are general junk), or by not having an official business structure.)

Piano tuning is much more then pulling the string into tune, it is understanding the sound production and development and the correct function of the keys. The unethical practice of just pulling the strings into tune has lead to many pianos being badly out of regulation. Your tuner should be sacked if they don’t work on touch and tone at EACH tuning visit.
Remember the 3 T’s – TOUCH, TUNING & TONE.

The Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of New Zealand Ltd is a professional group of tuners in New Zealand, who are committed to safe-guarding the industry. The members of this group are following ethical business practices and are general the better tuners in the country. If you have problems with a registered member the Guild is there to regulate or offer advice to that member. Membership is by invitation only.

For your peace of mind always use a registered member of the Piano Tuners and Technician Guild of New Zealand Ltd when having any work done on your piano. 

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Email : pianoservices@inspire.net.nz
Phone :  0278 417602, 06 3569013
Physical Address : 190 Featherston St, Palmerston North
Mailing Address : PO Box 4108, Palmerston North
Tuner / Technician : Allen C Birchler (ARPT, Australasian Registered Piano Technician)

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