Piano Technician Mentorship

(Only available to international clients. New Zealand customers please contact the NZ Piano Tuners and Technician Guild Inc.)

Mentorship is for technical regulation work only. I DO NOT offer mentorship for piano tuning.

“It is not a problem if you know how to fix it!”

So, you need someone to direct you with piano regulation work?

Having worked many years as a piano technician I have just about seen it all in relation to technical piano work and one area that pains me most is the efforts of good intentioned, aspiring people, who want to do piano regulation with no one to mentor.

Without guidance, piano regulation can be most frustrating and near impossible to learn.

You have taken on the challenge to regulate a piano.  To do so indicates that you have initiative and practical skills required to do the task.  You don’t need a lot of tools; you just need to know when and how to use them – That’s where I can mentor and help.

Yes, there is a fee, this fee is at a reduced amount for the basic mentoring.

More advanced mentoring covering technical and technique is at a standard hourly rate.

These fees are charged to your credit card.

Basic regulation mentoring is set at $100USD.  This covers all assessment and advice to get your piano action regulated to the first level of refinement.

Advanced mentoring is charged at a rate of $100USD/hr.

The mentor program, is designed to be personalised for your particular piano regulation, each step is covered taking one step at a time with the next task instruction is only given once the previous task is complete.  (There is good reason for this, if I were to give the full set of tasks, you will take your initiative and get ahead of yourself – resulting in missing some important procedure and putting some other adjustments out.)

Over a period of mentored lessons, you will have the piano functioning to the first level of refinement.

Contact me via email with your enquiry, I will assess your request for mentorship and respond accordingly.

Allen Birchler


I was struggling for months to figure out how to get my piano in proper working condition. Every time I felt I had done something right I ended up with poor results. That’s when I found Allen, who came to my rescue! I needed guidance and he seemed to understand what I was struggling with. I have cognitive impairment so I was beginning to think I had gotten in over my head. Allen didn’t think so! He is incredibly patient, very knowledgeable, and set me in the right direction in terms I understood. Once he guided me through the process, the order of the repairs made sense and what I had struggled to understand suddenly felt like puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly. His teaching style is very relaxed without confusing directions. He also explained why I was making adjustments to certain parts of the action, what the results should be and how I would end up with everything as it should be. I never felt like I didn’t have a mentor working with me. It was very personal and professional. He always responded and, even with differing time zones, we found times to meet up that fit my schedule. I wish I had found him sooner in my training, but I am so grateful for his help and extensive experience that enabled me to complete my piano regulation! I would recommend Allen to anyone learning the art of becoming a piano technician!

Linda Pereira, Georgia USA