Parts & Materials

Parts and Materials

We stock a full range of piano parts and materials, these are available for sale. Sample parts should be forwarded to PO Box 4108 Palmerston North complete with all your details.

Following is stocks available for sale to the general public. This is a short list of parts available, cost of these parts need to be quoted.

These products are listed in the following order:

Piano Wire
Craft, Decorative, Toy, Engineering and industrial Felts
Piano Felts/Parts and Materials

Piano wire
– the measure for wire is in MWG (music wire gauge) –
this is different in sizes to SWG (standard wire gauge)

Music wire has a variety of uses. The following list shows some of the comon uses and corresponding wire sizes:

5 Nasal / Surgical
6 Butter
7 Cheese / Dulcimer / zithers
8 & 9 Cookies / tonsils / surgical / Dulcimer / zithers
10 Cheese
11 Fisherman
13 Butter
26 Auto-choke

Sizes 0 – 11 and 28 – 36 are sold by the roll, all other sizes available per metre

MWG Dec. Dia (approx)
0 .006
1 .010
2 .011
3 .012
4 .013
5 .014
6 .016
7 .018
8 .020
9 .022
10 .024
11 .026

Above sizes sold per roll only

12 .029
12.5 .030
13 .031
13.5 .032
14 .033
14.5 .034
15 .035
15.5 .036
16 .037
16.5 .038
17 .039
17.5 .040
18 .041
18.5 .042
19 .043
19.5 .044

Following sizes sold as per roll only

20 .045
20.5 .046
21 .047
21.5 .048
22 .049
23 .051
24 .055
25 .059
26 .063
27 .067

Larger sizes can be supplied, however they are not standard stock items

28 .071
29 .075
30 .080
31 .085
32 .090
33 .095
34 .100
35 .106
36 .112


We stock a full range of felts for Craft, Decorative, Toy, Engineering, Industrial and Piano needs

Craft, Decorative, Toy, Engineering and Industrial Felts

Range Thickness Width Use
A54 3.2 – 25 mm 180cm High grade reasonably dence felt for precision uses where durability and resistance to wear are required. Uses are: Bearing Seals, Ink rollers, Polishing Pads, Oil seals, Sound absorption. Wiping applications in Sheet Metal, Aluminium and wire manufacture. Colour Natural
B55 3.2 -25mm 180cm High grade felt of slightly lower density and durability then A54 has uses as Anti vibration mounts, Wicking, Oilseals, Gaskets, Airconditioning Ducts and seals etc. Colour Natural.
WTF 2,3mm 180cm A medium/low density felt, for uses where abrasion and wear are not important factors. This felt is used in Oil retentioin, Gas and oil filtration, Harness lining, Glove padding, Typewriter pads Dust shields Etc. Colour Bleached white.
FF 2mm 180cm Soft low density felt used mostly in medical appplications as Padding, Corn felt, Filtration, felts, plaster paddings
PGS 3.2mm 180cm Medium density felts used for grease 4.8mm 180cm retainers, Saddle Blankets, Dust shields, 6.4mm 180cm Blackboard Dusters, Washers, Door 9.5mm 180cm seals, Anti Vibration, Transport covers, Anti squeak strips and pads, Saddle felts, Oil Retention, Buffing paads, Filter Material. Colour Grey.
SBF 3.2mm 180cm Medium density felt, similar to the PGS SR 6.4mm 180cm range, used in the manufacture of SGF 4.8mm 180cm saddles, Pianos, typewriter and SNF 4.8mm 180cm computer pads, Ashtrays, Horse blankets, Door seals, Washers, Glass table covers etc. Colours – Red,Green,Navy, Black.
SHEETS 2mm to 100mm Uses include: Polishing Granite, Marble, Stainless steel, Optical, Glasss, Dental, Jewellery. Used as moulds for Ice cream tubs, Yoghurt cups etc.
Woven Felt 1400mm Used for card/pool tables etc. Colour Green
Wool Blend Display Felt 1830mm 40% wool & 60% vayon. Good for toy etc. 60 colours available
Acrylic Felt 900mm Used in museums etc where inert felt is required, good for toys etc. Colours Red, Yellow, Gold, Emerald, Forest, Royal Black, White, Burgundy.
Acrylic Felt 1830mm Used in museums etc where inert felt is required, good for toys etc. Colours Orange, Beige, Brown, Pale Blue, Wedgwood Blue, Purple, Grey, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green

Piano Felts, Parts and Materials

It is not possible to list every part that is available, when ordering piano parts we must see the old part/felt first to correctly supply the required items. Following is the range available;(all parts sold in sets)

Hammer Heads Upright and Grand
Key Tops Whites and blacks
Tuning pins All sizes, Beale and Harpsichord and zither
Bass strings
Felts and leathers
Box cloths
Bushing cloths
Celeste felt
Check Felt
Cushion Felt
Damper felt
Damper heads
Hammer Rail Felts
Nameboard felt
Overdamper felt strips
Pressure Bar Felt
Spring Rail Felt
Stringing Braid
Frame cord – red


Balance rail
Front felt

Action Parts

Bridle tapes
Front rail pins
Balance rail pins
Butt spring
Damper springs
Brass flanges
Hammer & Butts
T Rivets
Action rail beams


Pneumatic Cloth
Motor Tosh
Bellow Cloth
Tracker Tube
Control Tube
Gasket Cork
Ladder Chain
Tracker Bars
Transmision – complete
Leather nuts
Tempo strips
New Rolls – up-to-date songs etc.

This short list should provide all the parts you would ever want for you piano. Other products not listed are very rear and not often required – but if you need any other item then please ask, I’m sure we can help.


Player Piano’s and Parts

Rebuilding these pianos is worth while, and yes, we do it! You will need to contact us for details.

We also supply felts – You tell us the tune you want and we will get back to you with a price. The latest songs are available!!